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Sign Me Book

Sign Me Book


Sign Me! The Undrafted Player’s Guide to the Independent Leagues

Arizona Diamondbacks Scout

About Chris

Chris Carminucci currently serves as a professional scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks of the National League. Chris scours both the Major and Minor Leagues for potential trade candidates and free agent acquisitions.

He advance-scouts the Diamondbacks’ playoff opponents and also the International and Independent Professional Leagues for untapped talent. Globally renowned as a baseball executive who finds diamonds in the rough, Chris has signed several obscure players who have thrived in the Major Leagues.

Throughout his career, Chris has not only played, managed and coached professionally, but he’s also founded leagues, and led several professional minor league teams as a GM, CEO and owner.

In addition, Chris has co-hosted the radio show, The Sports Goombas on Sports Talk Radio 1400 WOND and just recently released the book “Sign Me! The Undrafted Player’s Guide to the
Independent Leagues.”

Chris’s love for spreading the gospel of baseball has taken him all over the world and he has achieved numerous awards for
excellence and philanthropy in professional baseball.


A resident of Scottsdale Arizona, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Lauren, and their daughters Emma, Kate, and Elle.

Email: csgsportsgroup@gmail.com 
Phone: 480 659 9939
Twitter: @CCarminucci
Instagram: @ChrisCarminucci

Release Date: March 1
Publisher: Trust Publishing
Available on Amazon
ISBN 1798034095
Retail Price $20.00
Page Count 100

Arizona Diamondbacks Scout

I truly love helping players, and I felt they needed to know that there are options out
there if they do not get drafted or have been released that are beyond the norm. I felt
like this book was a calling for me and a chance to help players become better
educated and understand their option

What did discover about yourself writing this book?

I think it further solidified how much I love helping and mentoring players. I am a super competitive person and I love to win, but this book was more about paying it forward than winning for me.

How should players apply this book?

Baseball careers go through many phases and players must learn to transition, pivot and yes, sometimes weathering the storm. I look at this book as a guide that they can go to when they have questions or feel like they are alone on an island.

Best elevator advice to players and parents?

I have three: Kevin Towers, Tony LaRussa, and Bill Bryk. Winning the Kevin Towers
Scout of the Year Award this year was, without a doubt, the greatest professional honor
of my life. Kevin passed away from Cancer in 2018 and I miss him every day. All three
men taught me that players come in different shapes, colors and sizes, and you never
know where you are going to find a big leaguer. They also taught me the importance of
relationships and power of friendship.

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